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Dog Training

We hold a variety of training classes for dogs of all ages and abilities. Training not only helps your dog develop into a happy, sociable individual, it also strengthens the bond between you and your dog.
All of our training is based on positive reinforcement using food, toys or life rewards to let the dog know he has done the right thing. We believe that a healthy relationship between dog and owner is based on trust, clear communication and leadership.
A good leader does not use dominance, intimidation or physical manipulation as a form of control. These methods can cause fear, confusion, confrontation and other side effects. The best dog-owner relationships are formed out of mutual respect. A dog that has been trained using positive reinforcement will be more confident, happy and loving, and will enjoy doing what you ask of him. 

Puppy Socialisation Classes*
  • Helping you raise a happy, confident dog which can be taken anywhere
  • Run by experienced trainers, using only kind, positive reinforcement methods that really work
  • A relaxed, calm, supportive environment, so you and your puppy really enjoy learning
  • Carefully managed play and interaction to ensure puppies have positive experiences
  • Teaching you fun ways to integrate training into everyday life
  • Helping you understand your puppy, and develop a life-long happy partnership

Dog Training Classes
  • Enjoyable and varied classes for dogs of all ages and abilities
  • Only the most up-to-date, kind, fair and effective methods used
  • You and your dog will enjoy learn new skills together

One-to-One Training
If your dog isn’t suitable for group classes, or if you want some help to work on certain training aspects or issues, one-to-one training can be arranged.

Current Training Class Schedule
 Puppy Classes  Saturday 12 noon - 1pm  6 weeks  £60 per course
 Improvers Class  Saturday 10 -11am  Pay in 6 week blocks  £8 per class
 Improvers Class  Tuesday or Friday 7 – 8pm  Pay in 6 week blocks  £8 per class
 Clicker Class  Wednesday 7 – 8pm  Pay in 6 week blocks  £8 per class
 One-to-One session  By appointment    £50
Please note: All classes need to be pre-booked. They fill up quickly, so call us to check availability!
The critical period for socialising puppies is roughly between 3 and 16 weeks. It’s vital that your puppy has as many varied and positive experiences as possible during this time, so he grows up confident in the world, and sociable with people and other dogs. Therefore our puppy classes are open to puppies from one week after their first vaccinations.
Many vets warn against taking your puppy out and about before their second vaccination. It’s true that puppies are more vulnerable to infections before they have their full immunity; if walked in public places, they could be exposed to the risk of disease from unvaccinated dogs or the environment.
We only have fully vaccinated dogs in the day care, and the premises are fully disinfected on a regular basis, so the risk of any disease being present is extremely small. So, whilst bringing your puppy to our classes may pose a very slight risk, the value of early social interaction with other puppies is immense. You need to weigh up the small risk of disease against the very real risk of behaviour problems in later life due to lack of socialisation.